Ideas For A Fun Filled, Crazy Night With Friends

Are you planning on a night out with friends? Are you unsure of what to do? Thanks to today’s world of technology and advancements there are many fun filled activities that you try out with friends for a crazy laughter filled time. Read below to know what people are doing to have a great time with friends!

Indoor sports

There are many recreational centers that have indoor sport facilities that can be booked at a reasonable rate through the day or night. You can play a game of football, cricket or even slippery football. The choice is yours. Slippery football is a game introduced recently where you play football on soapy floors that makes you fall. This is great game if you want to play just for fun and end rolling on the floor with laughter echoing in the background.

Night out

A night out on the streets is also another great way of spending your night with friends. You can go to the movies or a gaming centre for some fun. And then go on a walk through the streets at night while munching on some yummy street food. The walk on the streets at night can be very rejuvenating and refreshing. You and your friends can reminiscence on your past and chat about all the fun you all had together. You all can even go to the park or beach after grabbing a bottle of wine from a wine shop in Yangon in the vicinity.


Clubbing will also be a fun filled way to spend the night. However, for some clubs you may need to book ahead well in advance. You can spend the night with some exotic dancing, meeting strangers and also having some fun with some balanced tasted wine.  Make sure to arrange a mode of transport if all of you plan on getting drunk. Drunk and driving not only endangers yours and your friends’ lives but also those on the streets.

Movie marathon

Or you could simply stay at home with a tub of homemade cheese popcorns and some interesting and fun movies to watch. Be sure to include a horror movie for some action! Staying indoors and watching movies is also cheaper and gives you the time to freely catch up on gossips too! Make sure to include movies of everyone’s preference so that all of you enjoy the marathon. You could also play some board games or video games to increase the fun.

Getting together with friends will inevitably result in a fun time. So don’t stress too much on what to do. You can plan just a few days ahead and still have a blast!

Writen by Jessica Reed