How To Effectively Study For Exams

Sometimes you are so engulfed in all that massive load of information when you are studying that you don’t know how to retain it or if it will be retained for you to write when it comes to the exams. In order to be confident to write your exams, it is important to develop a good study strategy and habits. It will without a doubt take a strong, conscious effort to change your current habits; however with time you will improve and make facing your exams easier. Find below some tips to follow.

Managing your time

One of the most critical aspects in developing good study habits is to manage your time effectively. It is vital to make a weekly schedule of your study plan and stick to it. Regardless of whether you have a tuition teacher Singapore coming in or not, devoting some time everyday to go through your notes will immensely help you cover up and remember topics. Don’t forget to include times to relax, eat, commute and other family outings as these are just as important to balance as studying times.

Pace it

Each individual is different and work in different speeds. Find out what pace you work best in and adjust your time and work accordingly. There might be some subjects and concepts that come naturally to you while some other subject areas that need more time and effort to understand and remember. As any tutor would suggest, take more time on the areas you find challenging and constantly strive to improve in these areas. If you need more time, remember that you will also have to schedule your study times accordingly.


A factor that most students overlook is getting enough sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital in keeping your memory and body functioning at its best. Plenty of studies conducted have shown that getting the maximum eight hours of sleep will positively impact the memory function and attentiveness on an individual.

Get rid of distractions

In today’s day and age, the most common and worst distractions for studying are electronic devices especially mobile phones. Keep your phones silent and away in a bag out of reach when studying to prevent you from using it. Avoid browsing social media sites such as Facebook on the laptop and texting or answering calls when studying as this disrupts your flow of thought and it takes time for you to get back on track to studying, thus wasting valuable time. This is the best time to gain control of your time and use it effectively.

Writen by Jessica Reed