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Your wife’s birthday or your friend’s birthday is nearing and you did not have much time to buy the gift or get something special for your loved ones. Don’t fret. These helpful ideas and tips will definitely help you in the last minute or emergency situations as these.

  • Bouquet

A large bouquet or a lovely hand bouquet is a perfect solution to this kind of problem. If you have just realized that you have missed out or forgotten the birthday or anniversary of a dear friend or family member, go with a perfect assorted bouquet and surprise them. Flowers are the best way of communicating your love and care. The delicate roses, orchids and the pretty tulips are just right for the occasions.

Simply order your florist in Johor Bahru and ask him to deliver your choice of flowers to your dear ones and they will deliver it to their doorstep. In case you are personally visiting the friend or family member and can pick up the flowers yourself, just ask the florist to create an assorted bouquet and keep it for you. Since online ordering is more convenient and easy, simply go for it as it saves time.

  • Cake

Birthday is incomplete without the birthday cake. Cake is something which is quite synonymous with birthday. Therefore if you want to gift someone something on his or her birthday, you can easily pick the best chocolate cake or a cake which he or she prefers. A personalized message along with the cake works well.

  • Assorted Chocolates

Assorted chocolates are another very popular option for happy occasions gifting. A box full of chocolates or an assorted pack of chocolates are an easy solution for gifting in emergencies as these are easily available in stores and market shops and can be gifted accordingly. However make sure you gift assorted chocolates or a special chocolate box and not just a pack of snickers or bars for the birthday gift. It will be quite a disappointment for the birthday girl or boy to find snickers bar as gift. Therefore be a little thoughtful before gifting something on special occasions even though it is last minute gifting.

  • Dinner or Lunch date

Set a dinner or lunch date and celebrate the occasion. If you cannot think of any gift or cannot come up with anything, simply call up and set a date for dinner or lunch and make it work. This is a life saver in such a situation.

So, next time when you have some last minute thinking and shopping, simply think of these ideas as it will come handy.

Writen by Jessica Reed