The Different Packages Of Professional Cleaners, And What You Need

If you have recently hired a professional cleaner to regularly take care of your company premises, you might find the many packages that they offer somewhat confusing at first. Whilst the exact details of each package slightly vary from cleaner to cleaner, there are a number of common services that most professional cleaners offer. Below are some such packages and the services they entail:

    Full cleaning/ deep cleaning/ thorough cleaning – whichever name this package bears, there is no arguing about the fact that it is an all-inclusive package. In fact, the price tag of this special service should be reason

    enough to let you know that this is the most detailed service that the office cleaning in Singapore The package will ensure that your office premises will look a sparkling brand new, with shiny floors and windows, properly dusted fixtures and fittings, etc. Sometimes, it might even include repainting the walls of your office!

Carpet and upholstery care – as you would know, the carpets and upholstery need to be professionally cleaned at least once per year. This not only ensures that they are properly cleaned and freed of any lingering dust or microbes, but it also prevents them from being ruined before their lifespan is up. Commercial cleaning packages often offer the cleaning of these fabric articles as standalone packages due to this reason: the cleaner will not clean the premises or anything, instead solely focusing on your carpets and upholstery.

Landscaping – certain professional cleaners have also recently begun to offer landscaping packages in their list of services. This means they will take care of the maintenance of the lawns of your company as well. Since exclusively hiring a single cleaner can result in generous discounts and benefits, this can be nothing but a plus to you.

Winter preparations – winter is a time of dread for articles of furniture, upholstery and flooring. There are special steps you can take to ensure that the cold temperatures and the snow won’t degrade your flooring or warp it. Any commercial cleaner that offers winter preparation packages will basically look into applying matting and ice melt, as well as looking into the maintenance of any flooring.

Special event packages – when it comes to companies and business activities, it is common to see a number of events in the company calendar every year. When these events are held within the company premises themselves, it is obvious that cleaning regimens should precede the events. Accordingly, a very popular service offered by many professional cleaners is that of special event packages, which features thorough but quick cleaning of any space, and sometimes, help with decorations as well.