Save Time On Appearance

Most urban dwellers find that work consumes their life, with little downtime for other activities. There are also many demands on their time, from grooming to eating right to cultivating the right mix of friends who will get you to the next step. The latter needs time but the former can actually be done with less time and less effort.

Appearance matters; that is the way of the world. So here are some tips on how to manage your appearance without too much trouble.

Projecting Confidence

For both men and women, a confident face is half the battle won. Make up is not the only way to do this and in fact, make up takes up a lot of precious time. Instead, look into inexpensive cosmetic procedures that will enhance your look without changing it completely. For instance you can take advantage of eyeliner embroidery Singapore that is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that makes your eye look as though it has a thin line on the top lid all the time. It will fade in 3-4 years. This makes your eyes look bigger and your face look more alert and awake – perfect for those days you’ve gotten little sleep the night before.

Looking Alive

If you are naturally pale then you’ll be familiar with people constantly asking you if you are sick or ok. This is because people naturally assume pallor equates sickness. To combat this, people spend a lot of time on blending the right foundation or wearing the right shade of lipstick. Instead, why not invest in lip embroidery? There’s no harm in having pinker lips than usual; they denote health after all, and makes you look like you’re full of life. This procedure is also semi-permanent and the colour fades in 2-3 years, depending on exposure and care. It will look like you’re wearing lip gloss all the time and it will save you the trouble of matching lipsticks in the morning.

Hair Care

Perfect hair takes time but who has time to spare? Instead, do your hair care regularly so that when it comes time to brush or style it, it will stay in place. Long hair requires conditioning treatments to retain its silkiness and its shine. Shorter hair needs more brushing and product. Use nourishing oils once a week to massage your scalp if you don’t have the time or the money to go do a professional hair treatment at a salon. Brush your hair free of tangles every morning and every night; sleep with braids of plaits to avoid unnecessary tangles. Hair spray is your best friend.

Follow these guidelines and you will emerge looking fit and fab every morning.